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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rochester Search Engine Optimization | SEO 

SEO for Google, Yahoo, BingequaTEK Interactive, a Rochester search engine optimization company, understands how important your internet search engine presence is. As an SEO and Online Marketing services company, our job is to help you maximize your website’s exposure by getting you targeted traffic, improved conversion rates, and ultimately more customers and prospects. 

Excellent Internet Presence

If you want your website to have a great internet presence, it is vital that your website develops and maintains its status in organic rankings on top search engines. SEO through keyword rich content, proper meta-data, back links and other elements are all vital to an effective SEO strategy. equaTEK Interactive has spent the time to develop a highly effective SEO process to address all of these areas of your website and more. Our process begins with a thorough assessment so you know exactly where to start.

There are many different approaches to Search Engine Optimization. There are "white hat" tactics (the good) and "black hat" tactics (the bad).  Many other Rochester SEO companies can have significant problems once new algorithm updates have been implemented from Google, Bing, and other search engines. We have avoided these problems through on-going adherence and education to white hat SEO company policies and our consistent link building approaches. We constantly track when search engines change their algorithms and adjust our SEO practices to align with the latest changes.

It Starts with an SEO Assessment

While we do offer ongoing SEO services along with reporting, site audits, internal link analysis, keyword research, competitive analysis, and SEO practices, we always start with a deep dive into your website to measure your SEO baseline.  This assessment will answer the questions that will build the foundation for your SEO strategy:

  • Where does your site rank now, and on which keywords?
  • How do our Competitors measure up in search results?

This assessment process ensure you don't waste money on unnecessary SEO tasks and gets you started by pinpointing your areas of focus.

We develop a couple of different types of factors when optimizing your website. On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. We determine what the proper keyword and keyword phrase (long-tail) information should be. This includes proper Geo Targeting if the SEO campaign is for a local business.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Many people are now including a specific location in their searches in order to find a business nearest to where they are. Locations need to be included in your website content and meta-data if your company's website has a chance to appear in the top search results.  Details like this matter in search engine optimization and we're well aware of these important specifics that always impact the traffic levels going to your website. 

Still not sure?  Why not generate a FREE SEO report card on your website to see where you today.  It just takes a few minutes!

Contact Us

201 Main Street
East Rochester, New York 14445
Phone: (585) 485-0780
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