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The Town/Village of East Rochester - their story with equaTEK


The Town/Village of East Rochester, known as the crossroads of the eastside of Rochester, NY, is a growing vibrant area. 

East Rochester, NY is a small suburb in Upstate New York - rich in history and tradition. Originally incorporated in 1897 as a planned community named Despatch, East Rochester is less than 1.5 square miles in area. Known as the crossroads of the eastside, East Rochester connects many Rochester suburbs and always seems to be just 10 minutes away from where ever you are.

The Town/Village administrator, Marty D'Ambrose, approached equaTEK with a desire to build a new website.  The old site was known to be disorganized, difficult to maneuver, and hard to work on.  In its earlier days, the old ER site worked well, but as it grew and aged, it became dated and filled with endless categories and subcategories that made using the site difficult for everyone.

East Rochester wanted a website that was:

1. mobile friendly
2. easy to change and update
3. able to assign roles to different departments with multiple users updating their own department sections
4. able to incorporate new departments that previously had their own websites such as the Fire Department and the Local History Department
5. easy for residents to find the information they needed
6, able to provide a place to reserve park shelters and town community rooms
7. able to have article-feeds, news-feeds, police blotter-feeds, and more
8. attractive with an updated look that represented the family-like Town/Village of East Rochester

equaTEK provided all that is listed above along with:

1. a detailed (pre-build) Discovery Document and website plan that included input from a variety of departments and personnel on the changes they needed
2. custom photography for the site where no suitable images were available
3. a custom meeting to introduce staff to the site and help with issues they encountered as they began to work with the new site
4. a customized post launch promotional plan that included one minute videos featuring key figures promoting the website and a contest designed to increase site traffic and awareness

"equaTEK Interactive moved into the Town/Village of East Rochester just over a year ago. They immediately joined the Chamber of Commerce, developed a new East Rochester Chamber website, joined our Chamber Board, and have now rebuilt a new Town/Village website. Their equaTEK team's Internet expertise, willingness to go beyond expectations, business expertise, and professionalism is exceptional. The equaTEK team continues to go above and beyond to support the East Rochester Community professionally and personally. I have learned a great deal about developing, maintaining and growing a website and website audience. I would without hesitation and with great confidence refer equaTEK to anyone who needs support for their website or online marketing."

Marty D’Ambrose, Town/Village Administrator 
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