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Sales Tax Rate Importer for AspDotNetStorefront

The Sales Tax Rate Importer created by equaTEK Interactive, allows AspDotNetStorefront owners to easily import up-to-date tax rates by ZIP code. Accurate tax rates help online store owners reduce the risks associated with under-reporting or misreporting sales tax. Call equaTEK today at (585) 485-0780 to purchase the Importer or to learn more.

Request a free copy of our Ecommerce presentation.

Our easy to use add-on works with AspDotNetStorefront versions MS 9.3.x to 9.4.x, and accepts a variety of file formats including:

  • Feed files from by Avalara
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • XLS
  • XLSX

According to the Small Business Association "If your business has a physical presence in a state, such as a store, office or warehouse, you must collect applicable state and local sales tax from your customers. Determining which sales tax to charge can be a challenge." Learn more by visiting

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