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Farmers and agriculture specialists work together to support and learn from each other and to continue the feeling of a united rural community. EquaTEK has been a part of the communication for years providing software applications that help to save money and increase the efficiency of agriculture businesses.

At equaTEK we support agriculture manufacturing, distributing, and service businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs in the farming field with websites, marketing, and software applications.  We help bring the farming community together electronically to provide workers with answers faster. 

We can help expand your fertilizer or crop dusting business by bringing multiple manufacturer's catalogs to your website for your customers to use and buy from.  We can provide the software applications you need to connect your computer network to all of your service and product providers. 

EquaTEK Interactive is experienced in providing today's agriculture specialists with the needed Internet functionality and marketing to make their businesses a success. Increased productivity is key in today's competitive market. We are familiar with working with companies from across the U.S. - giving them them the technological support they need to be a success.

Let equaTEK help you manage your agricultural business operations and provide you with custom applications and customer support.

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