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101 Content Ideas for Your Website or Blog

Posted on 7/1/2015 by Sue Mayo Smith in content marketing content strategy 101 content ideas website content

Are you stumped on what to write or add to your website or blog? I hope this will get your creative juices flowing. But before you read this list of ideas, identify the AUDIENCE you want to write to. If you write to your customers, which ones? The more specific the better. Also choose a GOAL. Do you want to inform your current customers or entice potential customers or increase comments on your blog? Know your goals and how you will measure them before you start.

Once you have the AUDIENCE and GOALS, look for an idea by reading the list below - 101 Ideas from A to Z. Have additional ideas for this list? Please share them in a comment!

101 Web content ideas from equaTEK Interactive

  1. About Us page: Who are you and what will help your visitors get to know you?
  2. Animations: Even the simplest product or process animations can be engaging.
  3. Announcements: employee, equipment, certification, building
  4. Article review: Other people's content is good!  Review it!
  5. Awards & Recognition:  What have your employees or company been recognized for?
  6. Audio bites: Create your own audio sound clips, or share existing ones that are relevant.
  7. Bibliography
  8. Biography: Who are your employees?  Share their bios as a way of sharing your culture.  Or write about influencers in your industry
  9. Blog Series: Create a series of posts and tell your readers what's next in the series to keep them coming back.
  10. Blog: Post regularly, add comments, share and like.
  11. Book titles you recommend: If you've read relevant books to your industry of business write about them.
  12. CAD drawing: Share drawings of your new offices, products, remodel jobs, etc.
  13. Campaign/Campaign results: Had a successful campaign?  Talk about it!
  14. Case study: Share your results so prospects can better understand how you can problem solve for them too.
  15. Checklists: product maintenance steps, procedures for submitting a request, equipment needed
  16. Color chart: Product color availability charts, articles about colors, etc.
  17. Comics/Cartoons/Illustrations:  Keep them clean please.
  18. Common mistakes made in your industry: Helping people avoid mistakes is always good. 
  19. Company Culture:  What makes your organization unique, and how will clients interact with you?
  20. Comparisons: To competition, to your other products, to other services
  21. Computer code: Examples of code that can help people get work done quickly.
  22. Contest: Give something away through crowdsourced content.
  23. Coupons: Share the love with your web visitors - even if it's someone else's coupon that your visitors might like.
  24. Data sheet: People love numbers!
  25. Distributors and their contact information:
  26. e-Book: a page, a section, a request to receive one
  27. e-Newsletter: Post copies of your email newsletters to your website.
  28. Events: list of upcoming events, list of past events, sign-up for events, write-up of an event
  29. Failures you learned from
  30. FAQs: for product, for product category, for service, for entire company
  31. Flowchart: Your process, a blog about web traffic funnels, get creative!
  32. Forms: Make it easy for people to take action.
  33. Formulas: For Success!
  34. Future direction of company
  35. Giveaway: Offer a freebie!
  36. Glossary of Terms/Definitions
  37. Gossip: Okay well let's call it industry news instead of gossip, but what are other people doing that you can talk about?
  38. Graphs: Visuals are good!
  39. Guest post/guest writing: Get others writing for you to take the load off!
  40. Guide: product guide, features guide, how-to guide
  41. History of: company, product, service, formula
  42. Images/Photos: collage, product close up, explaining a process, from customers, showing how we do it, our staff, our products, our building, our department, trade show
  43. Infographic: They rock!  Write about other people's or make your own!
  44. Inspiration Galleries:  Depending on your industry, you can share galleries of images that will inspire your customers and prospects!
  45. Instructions: How to posts.
  46. Interview: Interview an industry expert and share it.
  47. Job posting: Are you hiring?  Let the world know.
  48. Link page: Relevant links only please, but if you have companies you really respect, why not give them some love?
  49. Lists: VIPs, locations, employees, best ideas, landing pages, options, new products & services
  50. Little of unknown facts about your company, your industry, your products
  51. Local attractions
  52. Map: your location in town, location in building, your property, your territory
  53. Media Developed Content: articles, videos
  54. Meme: Keep Calm and Meme On.
  55. Mind map: Get creative!
  56. New pricing: Be transparent about your pricing
  57. News: industry news, company news, product news
  58. Opinions: from experts, from customers, from employees
  59. Pattern to Copy/Template: If you are in the art industry and can share some helpful tidbits for download, why not?
  60. PDF: Add documents to your website that are relevant.
  61. Photos:  Pictures of recent events at the office, pictures of employees, people love pictures!
  62. Pie chart/Bar graph:  More data!
  63. Podcast: Create your own, or share others.
  64. Policies & procedures: What people need to know about working with you.
  65. Poll & survey: Crowdsource your content!  Poll the audience and then share the results.
  66. Portfolio:  Show off your work!
  67. Predictions: Industry predictions for the next year.
  68. Presentation: Have a great presentation deck to share - load it to SlideShare and embed it on your website.
  69. Press Release: Toot, Toot, Toot your own horn!
  70. Product review: Review other people's products - not your own.
  71. Pros and cons of something: Make a T-Chart!
  72. Questions your clients should ask: Help guide your clients.
  73. Quiz: true/false, multiple choice
  74. Quotes: Oh I love a good quote!  My favorite... "Nothing changes if nothing changes...."
  75. Rant: Keep these to a minimum.  We want to be a light to others, not a dimmer switch. But if you need to rant keep it clean.
  76. Recipe: For success, To make a meal
  77. Reports: trend reports, analyst reports
  78. Research & original data:  MORE DATA!  Yes!
  79. Resource center: Links to resources to help your customers with products, manuals, cookbooks, links to helpful blogs, etc.
  80. Samples: If you offer a service, share a sample or snippet of your work as a good gesture.
  81. Sales/Special Offers/Discounts: If you are running specials, talk about them.
  82. Scenarios:  This or That?  What could happen? What if?
  83. Script: Interview guides, etc.
  84. Sign-Up for a newsletter: reasons to, sign-up form, promotion
  85. Social content: If you are socially active, share your content!
  86. Social media sites your company uses and invitation to connect
  87. Something controversial - but tread carefully.
  88. Status updates:  What's happening right now?
  89. Tell The Story: dream that came true, how it all started, people matter, the journey, reveal the secret, why you never gave up, your inspiration
  90. Testimonials: customer testimonials, employee testimonials, vendor testimonial
  91. The uniqueness of your company/Your niche
  92. Timeline: Company history and growth trajectory.
  93. Tips: Ask Siri what's zero divided by zero if you want a good chuckle.
  94. User Generated Content: Inject a Twitter feed into a post, or other pull comments together into one post.
  95. Video: viral video, product video, guided tour video, demo video
  96. Vlog: Talk instead of writing.  Make video blog posts.
  97. Webinar: Share your recent webinars for people to download.
  98. What a client should know before buying: Help your clients understand you, your products and your process.
  99. White papers - Ah Yes.  If you've done something worth writing about that will change your industry, put it in a white paper.
  100. Your audience - create profiles of who your audience is.  Industries you serve, etc.
  101. Your core values: Because after all, it's why you're in business.

Have another idea?  Leave a comment?  Let's keep adding to this list!


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Posted on 11/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive
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