TLS 1.2 Upgrades TLS 1.2? What is the Big Deal?
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TLS 1.2? What is the Big Deal?

Posted on 5/16/2016 by Sue Mayo Smith in PCI 3.1 AspDotNetStorefront PayPal TLS 1.2 PCI Pa DSS 3.1 UPS Authorize.NET

Like your secret decoder ring found in your box of Cracker JackĀ®, TLS 1.2 provides a new level of security by encrypting information as it transfers from one Internet location to the next.

What is TLS 1.2?
TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 is the new standard for secure Internet communication.  When information has to pass from one location on the Internet to another, TLS 1.2 provides the secret code that disguises the sensitive information so that no one else can read it.
     > Credit Card Information Leaves your Website
     > Becomes encrypted by TLS 1.2
     > Is received by the destination website and is "unencrypted" again by TLS 1.2

Why is it in the news?
It’s a hot topic right now because of several recent announcements by companies who are not only changing to support TLS 1.2, but removing support for older protocols like TLS 1.1, TLS 1.0, SSL 3.0 and SSL 2.0; thus requiring website hosting environments to change.

May 31: UPS Changes to TLS 1.2 connection - Deadline will not be enforced - No Updated Date Available
June 17: PayPal Changes to TLS 1.2 connection - June 30, 2017 (Updated Date)
June 30: PCI Compliance ends for those not using TLS 1.2 connection - June 30, 2018 (Updated Date)
Early 2017: Authorize.Net Changes to TLS 1.2 connection - Deadline will not be enforced. No Updated Date Available

What should I do to be prepared and keep my online store working?
The ability to communicate via TLS 1.2 is a three pronged issue…
  1. The website host server needs to support TLS 1.2.  On a windows server, the server must be Windows Server 2008 R2 and above to support TLS 1.2.  If it is, then TLS 1.2 simply needs to be enabled through registry settings.
  2. The Sender needs to support TLS 1.2.  This is where your platform comes into play. For example, the platform I’ve been writing about is AspDotNetStorefront.  Version 8.X was built on the .NET 2.0 framework.  This framework only supports TLS 1.0.  So, even if the server (item 1 above) has TLS 1.2 turned on, the .NET library/framework that AspDnSf v8.0 uses only supports TLS 1.0. This issue will be the same for any website application built on a .NET library prior to .NET 4.5.  See below.
  3. The receiver needs to support TLS 1.2.  Both their Operating system and application library.  This is where PayPal, Authorize.Net, and UPS come in.  For storefronts that use UPS to obtain real-time shipping quotes, the deadline is right around the corner.  Next critical is for storefronts, registration forms and donation forms that use PayPal for payment. 

Not sure what to do? Give equaTEK a call and ask us what your next steps should be. We specialize in online storefronts - setting up, designing, and programming for eCommerce stores across the U.S. 585-485-0780

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See the TLS 1.2 timeline (this is growing and changing all the time.)


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Posted on 11/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive
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