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Google Analytics: Geographic data about where your visitors are coming from

Posted on 8/24/2015 by in Google ANalytics seo internet marketing Web Analytics

Knowing where your website traffic is coming from geographically, can help you fine tune your marketing efforts, measure the success of targeted campaigns, and make informed decisions about online ad buying, like Google AdWords in your internet marketing efforts. If you are a global company, these insights can help you make global decisions about your website like translated content.

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Google Analytics: New Versus Returning Visitors

Posted on 8/20/2015 by in Google ANalytics seo New Web Visitor Reports Web Analytics Keyword Referral Top Landing Pages Top Exit Pages Bounce Rate

Google Analytics can help you better understand your web visitors, and in this case, new visitors versus returning web visitors. It's great that you have web traffic that keeps coming back to your website however growing a new visitor base is critical to the growth of your online business. Keeping an eye on those analytics is important.

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Google Analytics Basics: Reporting Date Ranges and Comparing Time Periods

Posted on 8/18/2015 by in Google ANalytics Year over Year Web Analytics Web Traffic Trend Reports

With Google Analytics you can view any snapshot of your web traffic for any period of time. You can compare year over year, month over month and other time-ranges that are relevant to your business to help gain better insight into how your web visitors interact with your website.

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Google Analytics: Filtering irrelevant traffic from your web analytic reports.

Posted on 8/13/2015 by in Google ANalytics internet marketing Web Analytics Traffic Filters Blocking Spam from Google Analytics

Having an accurate picture of your web visitors can help you make informed decisions. That starts with filtering out the noise, or any web traffic that can make your web analytics data distorted. In this article we talk about types of web traffic you want to filter out of your reports and why.

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Is it The Scary Corner in the Basement for You? Google Analytics

Posted on 6/24/2015 by Sue Mayo Smith in Google ANalytics

Google Analytics is complex. Teaching the basics of Google Analytics to a newbie is a little overwhelming. And for the newbie – it’s like learning a foreign language…such as Martian-speak.

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equaTEK TV - Episode 4: Using Analytics to Improve Landing Page Calls-to-Action.

Posted on 1/23/2015 by in video marketing equaTEK TV Landing Page Optimization Google ANalytics

You can have the best SEO plan in the world, and drive all kinds of qualified traffic to your website, but if they can't figure out how to perform the right actions on your website, you are losing conversions left and right. This week's episode of equaTEK TV looks at how you can use Google Analytics to measure how people are interacting with your pages and improve your call-to-action.

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